Who & How

Who this book is this for and why it was written

This book is written for people who have some business experience and are interested in growing their business by venturing into the SaaS world or starting a new SaaS business.

Over the years, I have met so many people that lost so much money trying to launch their SaaS businesses because they didn’t understand what they were getting into, what their process should be, how to measure success, or what the steps to getting to a profitable SaaS were. This text was written so that anyone interested in starting a SaaS business can understand what they are getting into and how to proceed.

How this book is written

This book was written with planning in mind because you want and need to know how much time and money this venture is going to cost you before you get started.

The book takes you through much of what I learned over the years about:

  1. The Business of SaaS

    1. Basics

    2. Validating Your idea

    3. Parts of a SaaS

    4. Costing Basics

    5. Your Process

  2. Building Your System

    1. Lessons

    2. Planning

    3. The build team

    4. Steps in development

    5. Tools

    6. What to expect

    7. The checklist

  3. Appraisement

    1. Pricing is foundational

    2. Understand SaaS growth

    3. SaaS pricing & accounting metrics

    4. Aspects and methods of pricing

    5. Knowing your customers is critical

    6. How to price your SaaS

    7. Analyzing scenarios

    8. Bringing it all together in your pricing page

  4. Acquisition

    1. Initial users - getting them and how to use them

    2. Organic SEO - why you need it and what it does

    3. Lifetime Deals (LTDs) - is it right for you and lessons learned

    4. Community building - Forming your own personal fan club

    5. Outbound campaigns - Outreach the right way

    6. Influencer and affiliate marketing - Secret to success for so many SaaS systems

    7. Paid advertising - If you believe in what you’re doing, you put money into it

    8. Continuous Marketing - All of this, all the time

  5. Activation

    1. What is Activation

    2. Iterative Activation

    3. Onboarding

    4. Simple things to do on the website to assist in activation

  6. Attrition / Retention

    1. Supporting your customers

    2. Community building

    3. Knowledge base

    4. Ongoing education

    5. Constant communication

    6. Keeping up with the Joneses

Let’s get your SaaS in gear!