Launching Your SaaS

After everything else is done, launching is simple.

The act of launching is as easy as making your marketing website connect the signup page to the credit card processing system so that when users try to sign up, they have to put their credit card into the system. Now, you can charge them when they have finished their trial or start using their value metric or whatever what it is that you determine how they are getting charged.

That’s it. Technically speaking, you launched your SaaS. Anyone who wants to pay you for your SaaS services can do it now. There are of course a number of marketing related tasks that could and should be done, but from a development perspective, this SaaS is launched.

Your job is just starting now

As you probably figured out already, it’s a good thing you didn’t buy that ticket to Aruba to spend your millions just yet. You really just finished the very first step in the process. Now it’s time for the hard part, getting the thing out there and selling the thing.

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