Steps to Developing a SaaS

SaaS Application Development Steps For MVP

The first thing to note here is that books are written linearly and the production of SaaS systems are not. Your development team should have started around the same time your UX designer was wrapping up the first three quarters of their work or so, give or take some. They would have had enough information at that point to at least get going on a number of systems and depending on what your SaaS system/business does, they may have gotten started before your designer ever started asking their questions.

These are steps for the SaaS application build, not the public facing website. Several of these items are run in parallel, but noted linearly in the list below.

See the full image of the SaaS Development Flow Here.

  1. Planning (also referred to as “scoping”)

    • Information Architecture (IA) development

    • Determine technologies to be used

    • SaaS development costs

    • SaaS development team

  2. Wireframing & experience design

    • What is UX in SaaS

    • When a SaaS isn’t easy to use

    • SaaS design case study

    • Flows, processes, and planning

      1. A SaaS UX designer should help you...

    • Concept design

  3. Platform setup

    • Repo setup

    • Development environment and dependencies setup

    • Remote development environments setup

    • Hosting environment setup

  4. SaaS application development

    • Frontend development

    • Backend development

  5. Alpha testing

    • User testing

  6. Content review

  7. Beta testing

    • User testing

  8. SaaS release candidate review

  9. Release

  10. Continuous Integration

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