Social Media Ad Tricks

Social media ad tricks

Here, we're going to go through some social media tricks that we learned with BrainLeaf.

Use pictures of your UI in the ad creative

Seeing the pictures of your UI on the ads makes people want to see your product in action. Your UI is likely much more modern than the software your prospects are using today, and seeing a slick UI increases the curiosity about your product.

Take advantage of your customer’s social media posts about your product

If your customers are so excited about your product that they are tweeting about it, make sure to get their message to all your followers. If the customer profile is right the customers that talk about you positively on social media can be good candidates for case studies.

Provide support via social media

If is it sustainable, try answering customer questions on Twitter or Facebook. It’s a great customer experience, the customers are likely to share your social media profile if you help them out, and the answers don’t go anywhere and eventually start ranking in Google.

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