SaaS business building: Ideation, Validation, Costing, Pricing, Development, Marketing, Sales, Support, Traction, and Growth.

Disclaimer: This book isn't finished.

As the digital pages turn, you may realize that there are sections in this book that are incomplete or pages that end abruptly.

I put this book out there for anyone building a SaaS business, so that you wouldn't make the mistakes I have in my endeavors. Even though this text is incomplete, it still covers so many areas that I couldn't find consolidated anywhere else on the web. I hope you find value in this book, despite a few missing pages and some incongruities.

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Right now, this is a work in process. But it won't be forever.

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So you're starting a SaaS business?

Or like so, so many people you've probably already gotten started and realized that maybe the path you're on isn't working out quite the way you expected. Don't worry, this happens a lot to a lot of people. Over the years I have talked to so, so many people that have thrown away millions of dollars trying to start SaaS businesses only to see the money go to waste, and that is the main reason I wrote this book, to keep this from happening to you.

During my years of work in SaaS, I have started a variety of different companies, some successful and some failed. What I found is that the more I read books like this and gained experience from people that already went through it, the better I did in my endeavors. I sincerely hope this book helps keep you from or get you out of the troubles you may run into.

I wrote this book for people that are:

  • Thinking about starting a SaaS business and want to know their process and what they're getting into, want to know how to validate the idea and estimate the cost.

  • In the middle of the system build and are realizing that things are taking longer, not progressing well, or costing more than expected. This book will help you figure out where things are going right and going wrong in your development process.

  • Finished the build, but now can't seem to bring in the customers.

  • Are making money and want to know how to make more.

Having been at all of these different places running a SaaS business, I know what you're going through.

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