Pricing Page Examples

Put it to use in your pricing page

Now that you know how to determine who you’re selling to, organize them up, what each group is willing to pay, and how your metrics all work together, now it’s time to present them with your pricing!

PROTIP: So often, the pricing page is an afterthought to SaaS founders. But don’t be fooled, this is the most important page on your marketing website.

Now with all your knowledge on how these companies put together their pricing, let’s take a look at some examples and see how it looks now. In the examples below, you can see how each pricing page uses the following items:

  • Name of their target group

  • Amount the group is willing to pay

  • Value metric

  • Features most valuable to that group

SaaS Monthly vs. Annual Pricing

Now that you see the different aspects of pricing and the strategies different companies use to value their systems, you can also see when it becomes beneficial to price annually instead of monthly. It is all a part of the overall Acquisition, Appraisement, and Attrition/Retention strategy for that particular company and their customers.

Very often, it is more valuable to drive a particular group or all users towards an annual plan. This does a lot of things, but on in particular is that it cuts attrition. If all you sell is an annual plan for a particular group, they cannot churn for at least a year. There are a lot of reasons why you may want to consider going towards annual pricing in your SaaS.

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