Content Marketing Is An Investment

Content marketing is an investment for your SaaS business

Yes, it’s going to take a good chunk of time or money to get through your baseline content, but it’s really going to end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Comparing content marketing to paid ads is like comparing buying an oven and a refrigerator to going for take-out. Getting your kitchen to the point that you’re able to store food and cook is going to cost a lot more than a to-go box of kung pao chicken, but once your appliances are up and running, you’re going to be saving money long-term.

It’s relatively easy, it’s fast, and it keeps you from getting hangry. It’s a nice add on to the typical grocery store to refrigerator to oven method of keeping your belly full, but it’s not reasonable to rely on take-out alone unless you have a ton of money and aren’t too concerned about a healthy diet.

Content marketing, search marketing, SEO, organic ranking -- whatever you want to call it -- is not only a worthwhile investment, it’s a necessary one.

If you skip this, it's going to hurt.

It’s a hard truth, but you don’t have much choice. I have met a lot of successful and not-so-successful SaaS business owners over the years and, with the exception of a few enterprise level systems, I have never met anyone who has been successful who has skipped or half-assed this step. Take the time to do this right and it will be so worth it. Remember, this is how your customers are going to be able to find out that the thing you’re building even exists.

Search marketing is an entire industry, and this single book cannot teach you all that you need to know to effectively continue to rank at the top all the time. So instead, this book will show you the basic things you NEED to know, a few tricks that work very well for SaaS systems, and give you places to grow your knowledge.

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