Story Time: The Best of the Best

People say they want the best of the best, but when it comes down to it, then want what they can afford.

Over last many years in this industry, I’ve worked on a number projects large and small. The most experienced team I’ve worked with though has been from a quantum computing company building SaaS solutions for enterprise-level clients. This is a company that solves worldwide problems.

They are a Silicon Valley funded company with a seed round of 20 million dollars and a Series A round at 45 million dollars. When they got their funding, they went out and found the best of the best of the best team members to take on leadership, operations, and development, and it shows in everything they do.

I was so impressed the first time I met them and continue to be impressed every time I meet with them. They know what they’re doing inside and out, have experience in many different areas, understand development, marketing, sales, business, and personal interactions, and anyone of the team leads could (and probably has) run their own enterprises.

So, if you want a team like that one that really, really knows what they’re doing, you need to consider the cost. Each one of those heavy hitters is probably being paid 120k and up, probably more like 175k and up, they have a swanky office in a nice part of an expensive city, full medical benefits, and all the things it takes to attract and keep a best-in-class team.

Over the years, I’ve been told over and over, “I want the best of the best” by prospects. But when I explain what the best of the best really entails, it suddenly becomes a different story. If you’re looking for the best of the best, great, just know for what you’re really asking.


For most companies looking to build a SaaS system, for the MVP build if you’ve got some investment capital but not much more, I strongly recommend hiring a SaaS development company (like JH Media Group) that has a specialty in what you’re doing. They will know all the stuff you don’t know and be able to get you going fast. Companies like that already have the foundational systems prebuilt. This way they get you started a lot faster and will cost less to get going.

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