Positivity is Key in Management

Good people working hard

Doing development work with good people and keeping them working is all about positivity. In development, you are dealing with tens, hundreds, hundreds of thousands, and very often literally millions of variables.

People, especially entrepreneurs who want and need movement, see the mistakes. That one spelling error or broken image is all they can see, especially if they are in charge of the sales and marketing. But it is important to remember all the things that had to go right and all the work that had to get done to get to the point where you only see that ONE MISTAKE.

It's easy to see mistakes

Someone just missed one thing out of a million, so be careful how you address those issues. It is important to take into consideration what people did right as much as what was done wrong. When you see a mistake, think about all the other things that went right to get to that point, then think about the relative amount of work it will take to fix that one issue. Next think about the impact of an upset email vs. a positive one. It makes a big difference, so be careful with your words. Happy people work faster. If your team feels appreciated, they will work faster and harder.

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