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Your SaaS MVP Pre-Development Build Checklist

Before you get started, you should have most or all of the following items completed. This list does NOT include any of the marketing tasks, just system build tasks. Marketing and traction is covered in the marketing, sales, and traction chapter. TO DO
Project is validated and you are 100% sure people want to buy it so much they have already pre-purchased it
Have researched major groups of users, know what features they want, and have determined what value metric you’re using
Different plans and their costs figured out
Pricing page is planned out
Team is selected
Tech stack decided
Project management system is selected and team has been informed on how to use the tool.
Project plan written, approved, and accepted by all team members and stakeholders
Information architecture written
Your documentation system is planned and prepared
Admin panel data-management needs outlined and planned
Payment system chosen, accounts set up, and bank accounts connected
Unit testing system chosen and integration planned
User processes generally planned
System transactional emails planned and designed
User flows designed
Page designs and views created and agreed upon
Integrations with other systems generally planned out
Initial user tagging and triggers planned
3rd party systems to be built into your system considered and planned
Development environment is set up
Code repository system is selected and a repo is set up
Remote systems deployments prepared
Automations server for continuous integrations is selected and planned for deployment
Dependency and systems costs generally planned
3rd party systems costs planned
System build labor costs estimated
Operational labor costs estimated
Initial marketing & advertising costs determined
All initial costs have been funded and ongoing costs planned or funded
You’re feeling good about this?