How To Kick SaaS


What is Activation?
  • Selling, educating, and usability (mostly usability)
  • What’s my motivation?
    • Identify what motivates users and what keeps them from activating
    • Back to the basics of user profiles - you need to know who you are selling to.
  • Friction
    • Friction is not your friend
    • Why are you keeping your friends from that 'Aha' moment
    • How to reduce friction
Activation & Iteration
  • CRO
  • How people interact with your SaaS
  • Figuring out how people interact with you
    • Stalking your users
      • Every Step You Take….
        • LuckyOrange
        • HotJar
      • It’s like food porn, without the food.
    • Asking
      • The many ways of asking the same question
        • Emails
        • Texts
        • Messages
        • Chatbot
        • Publicly shaming yourself - the story of asking people to test broken software
    • Getting personal
      • Stopping in
      • Saying hello
      • Asking for help
      • More stalking
    • Getting very personal - Dating your customers
      • Don’t knock it till you try it!
  • Make it easy and cut to the chase
  • Change is inevitable (you're going to iterate)
  • Value now, not later
  • Value proposition as you progress
  • Onboarding made easy-er
    • login with social
    • quick login
    • Pre-filled forms - checks on forms makes it easier
    • simple language
    • help people understand how to use your system (list tutorial systems)
    • help people import important information as easily as possible
    • You're almost there (instead of 'check your email')
    • progress bar for getting set up
  • System education & outreach
    • The CEO email
    • Focus (the cursor)
    • Learn by doing
    • Make em dig deep to get confused (hide advanced features)
    • Onboarding emails x 5 or more
Simple things to do on the website to assist in activation
  • Say 'It's Free'
  • Social proof
  • Localization
  • Don't be a CTA wimp - give me a reason to click your button
  • Submitting is something you do to someone in wrestling.
    • Personally, I never submit.