Pricing Page: The Most Valuable Page On Your Website

So often, people think of their home page or features page, or sometimes their onboarding process as their most valuable page. But make no mistake about it, your PRICING PAGE is the most valuable page on your entire marketing website.

The pricing page is where people decide if your product is 'worth it' or not. Your messaging on this page is what determines the buying decision. If it's too expensive, they're going to walk away. If its too cheap, your users aren't going to see the value. If there isn't a plan that speaks to them, then they won't identify their needs with the system.

Understanding your customers, who they are, what they want, what price they will accept, and how your value metric or value metrics affect these users is CRITICAL to growing your business. The place where all this comes together is on your pricing page.

So make sure your pricing page is well researched, well planned, and you know your customers!

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